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Hi, my name is Omata. I was born on the Cook Islands, near Hawaii and New Zealand. The Maoris, to which my family belong, are the oldest Indians in the world. My grandfather was King on one of these islands. He was a great Chief and physician. He healed and advised his Islanders with much love. My parents were very special and loving people, my mother and grandmother possessed the gift of being able to look in the future and heal. They also had a lot of knowledge of medicinal herbs. Clairvoyant, clairsentience and healing is a part of my family, this I have been given me by nature.

Now I live in Netherlands for over 30 years, of which I have worked for 16 years in the hospitality industry in my own Hotel/Restaurant. Weeks of 70 hours of work were quite common. At one point I heard the voice of my late mother, who said: "Stop what you're doing now. Your path is destined to help people in the spiritual world". Spontaneous people came to me with many questions and requests for healing. For this reason, I started my own business  "Aloha Spiritual".

On Pasar Malam's and psychic fairs in the entire country aswell in Belgium I present myself as a medium. If you want to know on what fair you can find me, then just look at Agenda. I do lectures, in which I can pass messages from the upper world and I also work with psychometrics (through objects or photos).

Are you looking for good advice or spiritual advice (also business)? Want a surprising and revealing future prediction? Do you have difficulties in your love-or family-relationship?

Would you like a group of people session at your home? You can’t travel and still want a consultation at your home?

I would like to meet you at a soul level with advice, opinions and healing.


As a small child I already knew who was sick or would be and what Ailed people. My parents forbid me to tell what I observed in others. My childhood was fantastic, I was raised on a paradise island with strict discipline. After my master's degree in political science I discovered that politics “is not my thing” and no work suited me. After a study for interior designer I worked in Asia, America and Europe. In 1980 I moved to the Netherlands.