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What does a consultation in my home?

Sometimes days before they call me to make an appointment, I get all information about the energy of the person. On the day of your appointment you will be welcomed with coffee or tea and the conversation is going, where you will put you at ease. Often one does not previously been to a medium and this is still a little anxious. In the treatment room, we sit at a table facing each other and I ask you to be able to hold your hand.

As we spoke, I feel your physical problems and tensions, which are gradually being dispelled by my spiritual companions and myself. Immediately I get your information. Yet I ask the question which the customer wants this consultation.

If it is a lawsuit, the company is financially not so good, there are relationship problems or succeed but not to get the right partner,

children difficult educable, there are certain diseases, your life is constantly full of dishonesty, you do not understand why you still happens so much bad luck, have your kids  nightmares and they see apparitions succeed but not to get success in your life?


The messages I am getting from the dead, guides and angels from the upper world, sometimes come directly from the divine world itself. The session will conclude with a map leggings to increase your insights. There may also be some pictures or objects are taken to readen, but this requires permission from the relevant. Sometimes one wishes to contact deceased for example, ask why that person is deceased in this way, or why this or that is so gone. Not always, however, may I pass on what the situation was; This is then passed on to me by the deceased or by my guides. Here, we should then have to respect.