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Contact FISHES FROM THE HEAVEN The world of Omata Tutini,  a Maori woman.


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The world of Omata Tutini, a Maori woman.

Publisher: Ankh Hermes

Issue date: 2009-10-07

ISBN: 9789020203448

Number of pages: 144

Execution: softcover

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Reviews Readers

30-12-2009, Gerda Broekhof from Noordwijkerhout: I find it a fascinating book to

read what a different world compared to Mitiaro at the Cook Islands and the Netherlands,

which is great as they are in life after all she has been through, the love of yourself you can do this

reach / survive thanks Omata (excellent)

09-08-2010, Sien Lilipaly from Dar es Salaam: I think it's excellent book, written fascinating, within few hours I had him out and unfortunately already familiar to me because in our culture (Moluccan) are sometimes still worship the ancestors which is contrary to my sense of the Christian faith or they say they first pray to God and then No. 2 to the ancestors. I wonder whether there is always a sacrifice is required to give assistance using information from parents? Eg that the fire of their cafe everything but then everything is gone Omata's family. Omata can help me with my question because I see that in her family the parents were also in 2-struggle for ancestral or Christian faith. I wish you much success and love in your life. Greetings from sunny sien from Dar es Salaam / Tanzania