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Together with my husband we regularly give Individual sessions for groups in people's homes throughout the country. Before the session was actually living in the home place and could anyone in that group all of the other hearing. The advantage was that they had been through many similar experiences that a lot of understanding and consolation was done while the bond between people, thus reinforced. Downside was that some people in such a large group dared not tell what it was in their lives. This is a new way of living arise session.

The hostess (who organizes the living room session) has to made a time schedule how late everyone's turn is. For such a "Individual living room session", a separate room is required (separate from the living room) to give consultations in peace. The guests will be first received into the living room. They can possibly wait if one is a little too early or it is a consultation which bleed. The consultations I do with my husband, together in the same room.

We then give two readings in that session, it takes about ½ hour.

The consult of me (Omata) involves messages that I am getting from the dead, guides and angels from the upper world and from the divine world, while at the same time a place of healing and I close the session with a card reading. Also a photo reading can be included too, but this requires permission from the relevants. Sometimes one wishes to contact deceased for example, ask why that person that is deceased, or why this or that is so gone. Not always, however, may I pass on what the situation was; This is then passed on to me by the deceased or by my guides. Here, we should to respect that.

Rob, my husband, deciphers the date of birth and the number and tells what the qualities of a person and what are the obstacles / difficulties to overcome. He also sees the soul purpose of the person and it also looks at the outlook for the year for that person. Besides Rob sells gems to accelerate solve problems, physically and mentally.

The cost of a livingroom session depends on the number of participants, time and distance of travel back and return to us. Ask about the cost once you have a group of people interested in a living room session.

Aloha Spiritueel